When moving around the store, shopping for food, no one thinks about how supermarket lighting impacts their decision-making. And yet, it can play a very important role. If a supermarket is improperly lit, food can look unappetizing and bland. It makes sense: considering the way color vibrancy is dependent on the light cast onto it! While you may not be considering all of these important details, the lighting specialists at City Lighting Products do, and we can help you find the perfect supermarket lighting solutions for your store.

When people first walk into your store, the first thing they will likely notice is the ambient lighting. These are the lights responsible for general illumination. A classic example may be the recessed lighting you frequently see overhead as your puruse the aisles. Whether shopping for coffee, cereal, or spaghetti sauce, the ambient lighting can play a crucial role in how packaging and POP displays look to your customers. That is why you want to find the perfect supermarket lighting, and City Lighting Products can help.

The next thing to consider with supermarket lighting is the task lighting: this is the lighting that draws audience to specific areas of your store, aiding them in completing a task. Great examples of task lighting in a supermarket might be the lighting you find around the produce section. Not only does this light aid the customer in examining their produce, it also draws their attention to the area’s bright colors: the greens, the reds, the yellows. With the help of task lighting, fruits and vegetables become beacons for customers to seek.

Supermarkets may also require some accent lighting. This lighting can be used particularly well when highlighting signs and wall-art located throughout the store, helping to transform a dull store into a space where customer enjoy visiting.

Of course, supermarket lighting is more than just customer experience. There are certain practical considerations that must be taken into account, as well. One of the most common considerations is energy-efficiency. Given the size of most supermarkets, they can demand a lot of light – which, in turn, demands a lot of energy. With a great selection of energy-efficient products, City Lighting Products can assist you in bringing down that utility bill. Energy efficient products are also great because they emit less heat, which can be critical in keeping meats and other perishables from spoiling.

With many lights comes a lot of maintenance, which only adds to your cost of time and money. City Lighting Products has over 10,000 lighting solutions in stock at any given time, in warehouses across the nation, making it easy for you to maintain and replace your lighting when you need it. Because our locations are numerous, you also save money on freight shipping, so can reduce your overhead and pass those savings on to your customers!