Whether members are pumping iron or improving their balance with pilates, you want to know that those who visit your gym or fitness center are getting the best experience possible from their workout. A part of this experience is shaped by lighting and how it affects their overall mood. Because a variety of different tasks and workouts are possible in your facility, it’s important to have the right fitness lighting for each space within.

At a gym or fitness center, some of the most important lighting will be ambient lighting. When in the main areas of your gym, lifting weights or running on treadmills, members are likely hoping to get amped up and feel excited for their workout. That means having enough lumens in your space to be sufficiently bright, adding energy to the room without straining members’ eyes. Many gyms install large windows to allow natural light into the space, but many fitness facilities are open late, if not 24/7, so it’s important not to forget your late-night visitors.

When you head into classroom spaces, your fitness lighting may change or require a certain level of variability. While a cardio class may demand the same brightness as the main floor, other classes may be more low key. Yoga classes, for instance, may seek more mellow lighting to instill a sense of calm among the class members. This may mean the classroom has lighting that is consistently softer or a dimmer can be installed, so the brightness can be adjusted for each class.

Another important aspect of fitness lighting is that of task lighting. While many of the actions performed at a gym or fitness center may be covered by ambient lighting, areas such as the front desk and the locker rooms may benefit from additional lighting to aid in members filling out paperwork or preparing for their workout.

Fitness centers may also benefit from certain level of accent lighting. Where there may be wall art, indoor plants, sculptures, other decor, accent lighting can help accentuate these features and aid in shaping the overall experience.

Because fitness centers can require a lot of energy in equipment alone, those who manage these facilities may be interested in finding ways of reducing their monthly energy bills, wherever possible. City Lighting Products offers a variety of energy-efficient lighting solutions that can provide some relief to these necessary operational costs. Whether it’s through the use of dimmers and occupancy sensors, or by replacing your bulbs with more cost-effective alternatives, there are a number of ways that fitness lighting can be designed for better ROI.

Another area of expense when it comes to running a fitness center is the upkeep. City Lighting Products can help you to replace and maintain your lighting system, when and where you need it. This can be achieved quickly and affordably, due to the 10,000+ products we keep in our inventory, in warehouses spread across the continent. By offering a wide selection of products, in numerous locations, we are able to get you the fitness lighting you require with a reduction in the freight shipping costs required by other lighting solution providers.