When lighting an office space, it is important to strike the perfect balance between sufficient lighting with cost efficiency. So how do you maximize ROI without leaving your office mates in the dark? The experts at City Lighting Products can provide personalized guidance for proper office lighting, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

One of the first things people think about when discussing how to light an office space is the ambient lighting. The ambient light is that which provides overall illumination of a room, help people to see as they go about their days. Sometimes these lights are recessed into the ceiling, ceiling-mounted, or affixed to the walls. The style and brightness of ambient lighting greatly depends on the exact type of environment and what kind of work is being accomplished. If you’re not sure of which type is right for you, someone at City Lighting Products would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution.

Office spaces don’t need to be bland and boring, as many people often imagine them to be. Office lighting can be just as exciting as any other building, which is where task and accent lighting enter the picture. Accent lighting exists to draw attention to certain features of the space: wall art, plants, sculptures, anything that you might wish for people see. Task lighting, on the other hand, draws attention to areas where an action is performed. This form of lighting helps draw attention to these areas (such as front desks, exits, waiting areas, etc) but can also aid in the task that requires performing. If task lighting is around a front desk, it might help guests to see when filling out the sign-in sheet or any other type of paperwork they may be required to fill out.

Of course, many office spaces are as concerned with the ROI of their lighting as they are with the aesthetic. Office lighting can be expensive but there are energy efficient ways of reducing those costs. People looking into cost-reducing options for lighting may also wish to explore solutions such as dimmers and occupancy sensors, which can help limit daily energy output. City Lighting Products offers a variety of energy efficient lighting systems, such as LEDs. Lighting solutions like LEDs are not only less expensive to use, they also emit much less heat than a traditional incandescent bulb, meaning it requires less A/C to keep your space a comfortable temperature.

While designing the perfect office lighting system for your office or other work space can be difficult, it can be just as difficult and expensive to maintain that system. Office spaces tend to have a variety of different lights, utilizing different bulbs and fixtures. When one burns out, or requires maintenance, it can be costly to ship the necessary bulbs across the nation. With warehouses across the continent, and over 10,000 products in stock, City Lighting Products can quickly and affordably help you to maintain your office lighting, so you never have to go long without optimal lumens.