Christmas Lighting Trends for 2017

Dec 27, 2017

It’s the holiday season, which means traditions galore. But don’t let that stop you from making updates to your outdoor lighting plan this year. From adding more color in creative places to natural alternatives, here’s some great tips to lighten up your yard this December.

Although there are more costs upfront when it comes to LED string lights, the savings you receive in energy and cost makes up for it in the long run. They last longer and use about 15% of the electricity that a traditional strand uses. And LED’s don’t break easily, so you don’t have to worry too much about the packing and rough assembly.

LED Colors: These have more of a pop of color as opposed to traditional lights, which have more of a hue.

White Lights: Edging the windows, doors, and roof outline with white lights will make the special features of your home stand out.

Falling Snowflakes: No matter the forecast, your home can be a winter wonderland at all times by suspending LED snowflakes from your trees.

Different Color Bushes: Strategically picking non-matching colors for your landscaping than your home will help to set each apart, adding to the overall illuminating factor.


“Natural” Alternatives

To make your lighting designs look more natural, (especially during the daylight hours), consider the more options that highlight nature around your home.

Garland: Using a pre-lit garland to outline your front porch, and/or decorate your outdoor banisters will bring class to your outdoor decorations. Don’t forget to hang up lighted wreaths on front doors and windows as well.

Lighted Trees: Fully outline your trees and shrubs with a string of lights, or opt for an artificial one and wrap the base in burlap. Various sizes make for an enchanted forest feel.



Rattan Spheres: Try hanging these from the porch or overhang, or even place a few in large vases or just coupled on the ground. These produce a soft glow and give your décor more texture.

Added Color
Lamp Posts: Adding an artificial lighted lamp post will turn your home into a Christmas cottage.

Candy Cane Colors: Draw some inspiration from your favorite minty treat and alternate red and white bulbs around your home for a more animated display that sets your home apart from your neighbors.

Lanterns: Flickering lighting from beautiful lanterns can be an easy and welcoming way to light up your walking paths.

Snowman: Let Frosty the Snowman be apart of the welcoming committee to your home.

Candles: Adding a candle in each window is the time-tested classic lighting display of the season.